Old Fashioned Home Cooking  Open Daily 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. - Breakfast Served All Day!
MEALS PREPARED FROM SCRATCH SINCE 1981 When Jim and Joyce Klunder established Klunder’s Kafe in 1981, their goal was to serve the region’s best “prepared-from-scratch” homecooked food at family prices. Their building, which was located at a truck stop on Old Highway 63 (currently South Linn), was clean, comfortable and convenient for locals and travelers alike. Aided by their six children and an outstanding staff, they soon became a landmark destination for New Hampton. For over 30 years, as with all great restaurants, Klunder’s Kafe has remained a “hands-on” family run business. Jim’s son Jimmy, who was raised working in the restaurant, continues the Klunder family tradition working full time in the kitchen and behind the scenes to ensure the best quality food and dining experience available. In 2007 Jim and Jimmy built a brand new building, which is Klunder’s current location on Milwaukee Street at the Highway 63 and 18 intersection. The new building incorporates all the features that the father and son had dreamed about at the old location. These include a large, modern kitchen, more room for servers to maneuver and a brand new expanded dining room. The entire restaurant was decorated with western themed art and antiques to give guests an enjoyable hometown feel as they share a meal together.
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